An Ode to Hot Showers

2 min readMay 11, 2023

In the era of cold exposure, delayed coffee intake & early morning light exposure, aka the Huberman era, we find ourselves questioning all our previous life choices. “No wonder I have a hard time being productive in the early morning hours when I reach for the coffee mug first thing”. “No wonder I constantly fall ill when I opt to engulf the bathroom in steam before heading to work”. “No wonder I feel perpetually tired and worn out throughout the day when I let my dopamine levels fluctuate from AM to PM…”

There are many benefits to following the Huberman drill, and I am absolutely drinking the Kool-Aid. But last night, I decided to have a hot, steaming shower for almost 20 minutes, and boy, did that do wonders.

So, I want to wholeheartedly encourage all of us who diligently adhere to bio-hack regimes, which can make us feel like we have some semblance of control over the quality of our lives and even potentially extend its duration, to allow ourselves a respite from time to time.

When I was little, my parents couldn’t afford 20-minute showers for each of their four kids. I can still vividly recall my mother’s voice calling an end to my shower time by yelling “Genug!” — the German word for “enough.” However, last night was different; no one shouted “enough.” It was just me, embraced by a blissfully hot stream of water caressing my neck, back, arms, legs, and head. It felt like an extended, warm hug, as if the world around me stood still. There was no baby crying for attention, as she was still in daycare. No husband discussing dinner options, as he was still at work. No work email demanding my immediate response, since I had wrapped up my project a few hours earlier. It was a moment of pure self-indulgence — uninterrupted, enchanting, and incredibly soothing.

Allow yourself the freedom to break away from the rigors of these regimes we diligently follow, even if it’s just once in a while. Grant yourself a few precious minutes where the compulsion to optimize every aspect of our lives subsides.

Gift yourself a hot shower break.

Just a thought.